Air Conditioning For Melbourne Fermentation industry

What is Industrial fermentation?

Industrial fermentation is producing useful food by the process of fermentation in certain industries by using microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi as well as eukaryotic cells like CHO cells and insect cells….

Acetic acid, citric acid, and ethanol are commodity chemicals which are also made by fermentation.

Most of the developed fermentation industries consider steams or air conditioners an essential tool in their industry, especially for preventing contamination in/from inlet/outlet pipes. Fermentation is considered an economical route to produce important raw materials and fermented foods.Air Conditioning Melbourne


How to Choose the Air Conditioning Unit For Fermentation Industry


Building a fermentation industry which uses an air conditioning unit could be one of the greatest ideas which will accelerate the fermentation process and guarantee its success. to get more greater ideas pleaase visit

However, there are few things to consider regarding this issue including:

  • You need to bypass the AC unit’s built-in thermostat that will probably turn the coolant compressor off at 60-ish degrees F. You’ll be lucky if your AC unit isn’t digital since bypassing the AC unit’s built-in thermostat will be much easier with a little wiring logic.
  • You must also make sure to attach your external thermostat probe to something with thermal mass.
  • You have to find out effective ways to avoid any condensation issues.
  • It is essential to seal around everything to prevent the light, even your doors and windows. The seal must be very tight to avoid any glimpse of light.
  • When you use a big AC unit which puts out a ton of cooling power or even a little 5000 BTU unit, everything in your place become cold, so take advantage of this cold and make your industry as big and full as you can afford to.
  • Additionally, if you want to make a big sized Fermentation Industry based on Air conditioning unit, consider using portable stuff which is narrow enough to fit through doorways/stairwells.
  • When you built such a big and developed industry with an excellent Air conditioning unit, you need to consider the future. You might think of fermenting in keg one day, so make sure that you can fit a barrel with a fermentation rig mounted on it inside concerning height. You can also plan some space for conicals.
  • The Johnson controller iA 419 is very nice, and it works great in your fermentation industry since it doesn’t cause any condensation problems. However, you might like to look for something bigger, more efficient and with two channels on it, one for heating and one for cooling. Wherever you live, and whether it does or doesn’t get too cold in the winter, there might be a time where the heating option is needed for a saison or something Belgian that wants a higher temp.

There are many Melbourne licensed companies which design and manufacture the best Split Air conditioning which are perfect for Fermentation or Aging Rooms that process a variety of food products. They also offer the best use of heat insulation panels to maintain stable, uniform distribution of ambient temperature and humidity for your industry. Remember that the AC unit is a powerful and efficient way to develop your industry, so make use of it.

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